Crocs are golden again thanks to Questlove and quarantine

Crocs have stepped up their game.

The bulky, rubbery clogs that “Project Runway” fashion guru Tim Gunn once called “plastic hooves” and Victoria Beckham said she would “rather die” than wear have remained a divisive fashion piece for the past two decades. Fans say that Croc are comfortable, however, and the affordable price tag (running between $30 and $60 for most pairs) hasn’t hurt, either. The supportive shoes have also become a staple for many health-care workers who spend long hours on their feet.

And now the ugly-fashion icon is emerging as a pandemic Cinderella story.

Before, the Crocs brand was working to regain its footing after it nearly declared bankruptcy during the Great Recession. It closed 160 stores while restructuring in 2018, and shares were down almost 36% last May as the pandemic forced Crocs to join many retailers in temporarily closing its doors