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We honor those in uniform and value being good corporate citizens.

We believe that heroes wear uniforms.

Workers who serve as our protectors, our healers, and our service providers all wear uniforms. 

We honor those in uniform who maintain our safety and protect us from harm.

We honor those in uniform who heal our wounds and nurture us when sick.

We honor those in uniform who deliver our services and support us as consumers.

We believe that uniforms empower employees.

Workers who wear uniforms feel more pride, present more authority and perform more efficiently.

Employees in uniform become players on a team and take pride in their teammate’s success.

Employees in uniform become the nearby experts and command greater respect.

Employees in uniform become confident wearing apparel and gear made for their specific job.

We believe uniform industry members are good corporate citizens.

Uniform companies practice sustainable sourcing and look for ways to reduce environmental impact.

We promote diversity in the workplace and recruit people of all skill levels and experience.

We promote exceptional customer service and innovate for today’s needs as well as the future.

We promote economic policies that value fairness and ethical business practices.