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Moving Towards A More Circular Uniform Industry

The Uniform Sustainability Collaborative (USC) promotes sustainable, circular uniform design, production and consumption. We work together to educate ourselves, identify best practices, and implement improvements at our individual companies.

The uniform industry is in a unique position to be leaders in both the sustainable design of apparel and the redirection of textiles away from landfills. We have more oversight and control of design and distribution than consumer apparel brands and retailers.

  • We manufacture identical clothing, using specific materials, in predictable quantities year after year.
    So we can control what goes into garments.
  • We know how many garments are out there, and where the garments are located at their end of life.
    So we can control how they are upcycled, recycled, or destroyed.

Members of the USC generate ideas, participate in network groups, and share expertise — all towards the common goal of reducing uniform industrial and consumer textile waste. 

The USC brings stakeholders together to transform the uniform industry’s infrastructure, processes, and business models. Our collective vision for uniform circularity brings new perspectives to the challenges and presents opportunities for continuous improvement.




The USC will present educational programming throughout the year and in person at the NAUMD convention
Webinars will feature speakers from within the industry as well as outside experts
Podcasts will offer case studies and insights into how thought leaders approach sustainability


The USC will maintain a resource library within the NAUMD member portal at TheUniformNetwork.com
Research papers will assist members in understanding the facts and figures behind circularity
Videos will form a foundation for companies to learn and share knowledge with team members


The USC will meet regularly online to network and discuss topics of mutual interest
Speakers will be called upon to give short presentations that the network group can then discuss
Case studies will be shared to help members support each other in advancing their own initiatives


The USC will connect members with service partners that can help facilitate sustainable, circular programs
Supply chain partners will be invited to offer eco-design solutions
Recycling and upcycling partners will be invited to offer collection and processing solutions