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Best Dressed Law Enforcement – 100-500 Officeres

MEMBER: Spiewak
PROGRAM: Montana Highway Patrol

Montana has extreme weather conditions, ranging from very cold winters, hot summers, and everything in between. The Spiewak uniform program provides options that meets the demands of these various weather conditions while maintaining a consistent and professional appearance. There are multiple options available to all troopers, with the Class A uniform being the foundation of the program. A Class B mimics the appearance of the Class A but includes additional features for comfort and performance. Examples include trousers with hidden internal cargo pockets for added functionality, a long sleeve shirt made from a lighter fabric, and a short sleeve version that incorporates mesh sides for greater comfort and range of motion.

Montana Highway Patrol Troopers do not have easy access to professional cleaning facilities. As such the program includes easy home laundry options that do not compromise quality or appearance.

Best Dressed Law Enforcement – Under 100 Officers

PROGRAM: Naugatuck Police Department

Functionality and comfort are what drove this award-winning department to a Class C uniform about 10 years ago. The Naugatuck PD’s street, or patrol, uniform is Blauer Street Gear, a navy rip-stop with all patches, badges, name tags, and rank sewn on. Ball caps are the hat worn with this uniform, or beanies in winter. Officers wear short sleeves or long sleeves as dictated by policy for the seasons, and also have several jacket options. There’s also wear for specialized units, including the Honor Guard, which wears a modified version of the Class A dress uniform, and a K9 Unit, which is dressed in a modified version of the Class C.

There have been a couple of changes to the uniform program in recent years. The move to sewn-on badges, or soft uniforms, was a move to get away from a traditional uniform, and is also the driving force behind other updates under consideration. However, any revisions that may affect the ease with which the public can identify an officer must be carefully weighed before finalized. Additionally, the Naugatuck PD has allowed officers to wear outer carriers for their body armor. In 2021, the department was wear testing outer carriers with M.O.L.L.E. straps and various equipment configurations. This is driven by the amount of equipment officers are currently carrying on their duty belts.

WINNER: Best Law Enforcement - Over 500 Officers

MEMBER: Spiewak
PROGRAM: Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Highway Patrol has 1,946 uniformed personnel providing public safety services throughout the state of Florida. It is the primary law enforcement agency charged with investigating traffic crashes and criminal laws on Florida’s highways.

While the primary uniform is a Class A style garment, this uniform has been redesigned with new features that allow better functionality and comfort without compromising appearance. These Class A garments combined with newly developed Spiewak Systems Outerwear that incorporates ANSI- compliant components provide enhanced officer safety.

Best Dressed Private Security

MEMBER: Unitex Direct
PROGRAM: Best Crowd Management

This contract staffing business allows each stadium to choose from a color palette of 15, an unusual practice for management companies. Items in the program include shirts, zippered and hooded jackets and cold weather parkas.

Color is what distinguishes this program. Will you find the standard black, blue and gray apparel typical of stadium wear here? Sure, but you’ll also come across neon yellow, orange, gold, royal, red, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, white, Hunter Green, Process Blue, Panther Blue and stone. Job functions are as varied as the color palette, and include security, event staff, managers, fit team, guest services, security response and ushers.