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Best Dressed Law Enforcement – 100 – 500 Members

MEMBER: American Uniform Sales
PROGRAM: Cumberland County, NC, Sheriff's Office

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office utilizes 9 different uniforms, all with subtle variations based upon job specifications.The department recently transitioned to a lighter weight dress shirt with reflective material that includes concealable pockets, gussets, hash mark patches on the sleeves that added a visual representation of years of service, and duty pants with an expandable waist. The changes resolved safety issues by making a cooler uniform, and by adding concealable pockets for both Deputy and Detention Officers.

Their everyday look consists of a poly/cotton long-sleeved dress shirt colored in gray that is affixed with patches on both sleeves, CCSO bars on the collar, badge, nametag, and accreditation pin on the chest. Wool trousers are dark gray and are striped in Cumberland red down the side of both legs. The uniform is worn with a leather duty belt with assigned gear and black patent leather shoes.

Best Dressed Law Enforcement – Over 500 Members

MEMBER: Fechheimer
PROGRAM: Columbus, OH, Police Department

The Honor Guard Uniform consists of a dark navy blouse with one Columbus Division of Police patch and one Honor Guard patch on the upper sleeves. The blouse is adorned with gold buttons for supervisors and silver buttons for officers. The badge is worn on the blouse along with the nameplate and Honor Guard ribbon. Supervisors wear gold fourrageres and officers wear white fourrageres on the blouse. A white uniform shirt with an Honor Guard patch is worn under the blouse with dark navy pants that match the blouse.

All members also wear a Division-issued black fabric tie with the white uniform shirt under the blouse. A white, leather Sam Browne and matching white leather belt are worn on the outside of the blouse with a matching white leather holster for our Division-issued firearm. All members wear matching black chlorofram shoes and white gloves, and are issued white, eight-point leather hats with badge.

Best Dressed First Responder – Under 100 Members

PROGRAM: Yocha Dehe, CA, Fire Department

It took time to create this award-winning look. Yocha Dehe Fire Department consulted with other departments, researched fabric options and consulted with suppliers for over a year before reaching a decision which they believe strikes a perfect balance between appearance and functionality.

There are 9 types of uniform in use. The everyday Class B consists of a black collared dress shirt with pockets and applets; black dress trouser pants (both in Nomex material for fire resistance); a cotton black t-shirt, and a black custom hat. There is a custom badge that is placed on the uniform, with custom patches on both sleeves. Honor Guard uniforms incorporate blended breathable fabrics designed for comfort and durability. Badges, custom bright belts with custom belt buckles, shoulder chords and nameplates complete the look. Uniform garments are colored in black, a shade that has added significance as it signifies power, pride and professionalism, all important elements to this tribal department and the community it serves.

WINNER: Best Dressed First Responder - Over 500 Members

PROGRAM: Sarasota County Fire Department, Fl

You might not think of wool as an option in Florida, but 100% wool fabric is precisely what the Sarasota County Fire Department decided on for their Honor Guard uniforms. That's because the department believes wool is actually a perfect warm weather option. And when combined with NAFECO's creativity, the fabric creates a winning look as well. 

"Traditional and Classic" describe the waterfront community of Sarasota; the uniform needed to compliment the community's heritage. Black and "Old" gold keep the look simple. Traditional bell crown hats and accessories complete the look. Made to measure and custom designed, a perfect fit is guaranteed for any body type. 

Best Dressed Law Enforcement – Under 100 Members

PROGRAM: Barre, MA, Police Department

The department's uniform of the day (Class C) consists of winter and summer versions. The Class C consists of a tailored poly/wool trousers and a tailored poly/wool shirt. The trousers are a 4 pocket, mid-weight, dark navy blue with a single royal blue stripe down each leg. The shirt is French blue with a crisp epaulet that is always in shape due to a solid insert that is sewn into the piece. The epaulets bear a royal blue trim.

The uniforms worn by the officers of the Barre Police Department score high in appearance, functionality and comfort. Barre is located in the Central Massachusetts snow belt. The switch to a well-made, poly/wool trouser and shirt provided a more proper amount of climate protection than the previous poly/cotton uniform. Officers are now warmer in the winter and comfortable throughout the year since the poly/wool is perfectly designed for this area, and Ike length jackets greatly increased the functionality by allowing easy access to duty belt equipment as well as providing a sharp look.