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Winner: Police, International

Israel Police

As of January 2023, the Israel Police have decided to move nearly all 32,500 Israel Police officers into Spiewak’s 100% polyester Sorbtek Stretch EXS Ripstop uniforms. This collaborative design effort encompasses  fabric and colors developed by Spiewak specifically for the department.  The program includes wear for Class A, and Class B units, as well as specialized uniforms for border control, Swat and Tactical operations.  There’s even a 100% cotton patrol uniform for those allergic to polyester.

Winner: Government, Coast Guard

Unisync Group
Canadian Coast Guard

One of the primary goals of the Canadian Coast Guard uniform program was a shift away from gender identify to size and fit. The Canadian Coast Guard now operates under a full gender-neutral uniform offering. Unisync currently outfits more than 3300 uniformed coast guard employees across 17 workgroups and 200+ job titles. Program components include work shirts, work pants/shorts, outerwear, sweaters, epaulets, dress uniforms and service caps. In addition, the uniforms are complimented with rank braiding, distinctive cloth, insignia/badges and name tags.

Winner: Police & Sheriff, Large Department

Kentucky State Police

The Spiewak Kentucky State Police new uniform program continues the rich traditions and proud past of the KSP’s uniform appearance and image while improving upon the uniform’s fit, functionality, comfort, and durability. Superior fabrics provide better color retention and color consistency, while refined patterns improve fit and result in a professional, sharp appearance.  Uniforms are colored in gray with black accents, and are infused with features such as a gusseted crotch, hidden button down collar, shirt retention system, and expand-on-demand waistband for increased comfort and functionality.

Winner: Police & Sheriff, Highway Patrol

Nevada State Highway Patrol

Tradition is the hallmark of the Nevada Highway Patrol. Seeking a return to a more polished appearance, the department called on Spiewak to design a traditional program that incorporated updated features and technology at the same time. The resultant program consists of multiple options available to all troopers, with fabrics and colors developed specifically for the Patrol. All Class A and B uniforms are custom made. The department’s Class A look consists of a gray long sleeve shirt with contrasting navy epaulets and pocket flaps with a shoulder emblem sewn on each sleeve, a gray 4-pocket trouser with a 1 inch navy stripe, navy tie and campaign hat. Outerwear options include a reversible ANSI Hi Viz softshell jacket/Liner, and a weather tech duty jacket.

Winner: Police & Sheriff, Sheriff

911 Supply
State of Hawaii Sheriff Division

Rooted in the monarchy of Hawaii under King Kamehameha III, this department is the only law enforcement agency in the nation to have ever directly reported to a King.. The Hawaiian Islands claim ten of the fourteen world climate zones and the environment is as diverse as its people, so uniforms had to be manufactured from materials that would be suitable for tropical and temperate environments.  All deputies are issued 3 sets of the standard class A uniforms and 2 sets of the class B uniforms. Additionally, members of the Special Operations Section are issued 2 sets of class C Utility Uniforms. The standard look consists of green trousers, silver tan shirts and brown campaign hats.

Winner: Correctional

Galls Inc.
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Sheriff's Office

Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office houses a Detention and Deputy division, each with a unique uniform set that provides functionality for each role. Sworn Deputies wear a Class A uniform with custom-made spruce green trousers striped with black, and a poly/wool tropical weave shirt colored in silver tan. A  2 1⁄4” waistband allows a duty belt to be worn directly through the loops as many Deputies prefer. These uniforms are also very suitable for the southern US climate, especially during the warm and humid summers. The new Class B Cross FX STAT uniform updates the look while providing lasting stretch, durability, a modern fit, and essential functional enhancements. Detention officers wear matching oxford gray shirts and trousers. Both divisions utilize a name tape on the right chest affixed by Velcro.

Winner: Emergency Services, Firehouse

Martin & Levesque Uniforms
Incendie Repentigny - Repentigny Fire department

Repentigny is located 15 minutes east of Montreal. Logistik was charged with creating a professional, uniformed look for this department that didn’t compromise comfort, a task on which they delivered. The department’s new polo is the program’s centerpiece. A loose, athletic cut design allows for full range of motion, and the lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric ensures breathability and comfort.  To achieve the look desired by the chief, Logistik added 5-crease military detailing and pleated patch pockets and epaulets. Paired with a blue trouser and a Gore-tex jacket, the look is both functional and classic. 

Winner: Police & Sheriff, Small Department

Garner, North Carolina, Police Department

This North Carolina-based agency is a suburb of Raleigh/Durham. A small department - their sworn officers total 75 - they were in search of a new patrol uniform that was both professional in appearance and functional for modern police work.  The Core STAT uniform by Flying Cross achieved both goals. During wear tests, officers discovered that the uniform breathed just as well if not better than a traditional cotton or wool blend that they were used to. Best of all, the 96%/44 Poly/spandex weave is capable of withstanding the rigors of the while maintaining a court-approved Class A uniform.

Winner: Government, Dept of Natural Resources

Conservation and Protection Directorate of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Conservation and Protection Directorate of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is responsible for the protection of Canada’s oceans and all of its species. Its 700 employees are located in 113 offices, hatcheries and laboratories across Canada from coast to coast to coast.

DFO's primary desire was to modernize its look, enhance functionality and comfort and, most importantly, project authority. Of the program’s many standouts the cargo pants received high marks for their excellent fit and the usefulness of little extras, such as a hidden fastener on the inside to protect against insect bites and ticks. Finally, DFO’s previous wardrobe did not include items for women, an oversight corrected through the new Logistik program.

Winner: Honor Guard

Fresno Police Department

Located in Fresno, California, Fresno PD has 811 officers. Members of the Honor Guard take pride in their personal appearance and maintain attention to detail with their uniforms, as do all sworn officers. Uniforms must be clean, professional, and well-designed from hat to shoes. The new program manufactured by Fechheimer is the embodiment of these standards. The crisp blue garments are a cross between traditional law enforcement wear and military-styled garments, and are worn during many community events, increasing their visibility and instilling pride in officers and the public they serve.