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About Us

Our Mission

The Network Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) is committed to building a community of industry leaders that foster strategic relationships and explore new ideas that positively impact business.

We pledge to

  • Promote the need for and recognition of uniforms, image apparel and public safety equipment to the private sector, public agencies and the general public.
  • Provide educational opportunities and other value added services for our members so they are better equipped to service their customers and grow their business
  • Act as a forum to promote the exchange of ideas and information among our members
  • Act as an advocate for all members and securing and protecting the interests of all in the industries we serve in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

About the NAUMD

The NAUMD was founded in 1932. This association is a community for the uniform, public safety equipment and image apparel industry. It is composed of manufacturers, distributors and associated companies that have a common bond in the future of our industry.

We exist to enable our members to create opportunities for a better future.  We do this by connecting ideas and people in ways that provoke conversations and inspire innovation.  The NAUMD is about building a community where strategic relationships are formed, problems are solved and meaningful information empowers a better future.

NAUMD Past Presidents/Chairs - 1933-2013

We honor those whose efforts allowed us to build, grow and provide programs, services and benefits for all our members from the beginnings of NAUMD.

Louis A. Hirsch, Hirsch, Weintraub& Co. – 1933-35
Irving L. Wilson, Jacob Reeds’ Sons – 1935-37
C.E. Williams, The Lilly Company – 1937-39
Harold W. Schwab, H.W. & I Schwab – 1939-41
Warren Heldman, Fechheimer Bros - 1950-52
Jim Weintraub, Weintraub Brothers – 1952-54
Leo First, Davis Clothes – 1954-56
Raymond Legon, S. Appel Uniforms – 1956-1958
Horace Small, Horace Small – 1965-69
Robert Heldman-1970-’71- Fechheimer Bros.
Donald S. Lavigne Lavigne Co – 72-73.
Jerome Pumpian-’73-‘74 – Howard Uniform Co.
Irvin “Jimmy” Small-’75-’77- Horace Small Mfg.
Ira Legon-’78-’79 Appel Uniforms (now known as Superior Uniform Group)
Michael Wolfe-’80 -’83 – United Uniform of Buffalo
Fred Fruhauf-’84-’85- Fruhauf Uniform Co.
George Heldman-’86- ’87- Fechheimer Bros.

Richard Small-’88-’89- Horace Small Mfg.
Jerry Spiewak-’90-’91- I. Spiewak and Sons
Len Schlosberg-’92-’93- Katzin’s Uniforms
Al Alterman-’94-’95- Somes Uniforms
David Shulevitz-’96-’97- Garment Corp. of America
Ken Werner-’98-’99- Werner Works
Joe Chiusolo-’00-’01 – Turnout Fire and Safety
Michael Spiewak-’02-’03- I. Spiewak and Sons
Michael Broome-’04-’05- Samuel Broome Uniform Accessories
Ron Pate-’06-‘08  Unison Marketing Group
Roger Heldman ’08 – ‘10– Blumenthal Uniforms Company
Steve Zalkin ’10-'12 – Alamar Uniform Company
Steve Robinson '12-'14 – Liberty Uniform Mfg Co., Inc.
Jim Tewmey '14-'16 – VF Imagewear, Inc.
Brian Garry  '17-'18 - Cintas
Phil Newman '19-'21 - Cobmex
Lee Galperin '22-'23 - Smith & Warren