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Winner: Police Department

Member: Unisync Group
Program: Surrey Police Service

The SPS is the newest police force in Canada. The department wanted to steer clear of the traditional male-oriented “one design fits all” approach to its ceremonial uniform, preferring to take a more modern, inclusive path to its uniform program.  Appearance was a critical concern, but so too was the need for comfort and proper fit for all officers. Female staff, retired officers, and members of the area’s fashion design school teamed with Unisync to put this vision into a reality, a collaboration that produced garments that are sharp, comfortable, and gender-informed. 

Winner: Police Department

Member: Fechheimer
Program: Omaha Police Department

The OPD spent 4-6 months wear-testing different uniforms in both male and female cuts before deciding to make the move to Flying Cross Core Flex uniforms. Core Flex uniform fabric is a blend of 96%/4% poly/spandex, giving this uniform natural stretch capability. In addition, the fabric is lightweight yet durable, allowing 920 officers to perform at their absolute best with minimum restriction. Best of all, Core Flex is also available in both a men's and women's fit allowing all officers to have a uniform more tailored to their preference.

Winner: Sheriff’s Department

Member: Fechheimer
Program: Fulton County Sheriff's Office

A change in leadership brought with it an updated look for members of Georgia’s Fulton County Sheriff’s Office honor guard. As would be expected, garments are patterned after the military; Flying Cross designed a program that is sharp and traditional. But unlike others, this honor program is adaptable; piping was added to garments, and trousers come in various colors, allowing the 20-member honor guard to slightly modify its appearance for any occasion. One of the standout looks includes white trousers and gloves, paired with black dress coat and campaign hat. 

Winner: Police Department

Member: Fechheimer
Program: London, KY, Police Department

A return to tradition sparked the switch to this new uniform program.  London PD’s Chief Johnson wanted a return to a traditional navy uniform since the previous black attire didn’t project the desired look. After many hours of working with his staff and Flying Cross, the chief settled on the current 100% poly uniform that includes a light gray stripe on the pants and pocket flaps, as well as epaulets on the shirt.

Winner: Transportation

Member: Martin & Levesque, a Logistik Unicorp subsidiary
Program: Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

The Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) is an automated light rail system with 26 universally accessible stations across Greater Montréal. The program for the Safety and Intervention unit consists of a shirt, tactical pants, and a 3 in 1 jacket all manufactured with lightweight, breathable fabrics. The long-sleeved Polyester SuperShirt® has stretch side mesh panels, deployable reflective trim, and a zipper placket for ease of wear. The 3 in 1 jacket is customized with reflective bands and lettering for better visibility.

Winner: Emergency Services

Member: Galls LLC
Program: Miami Dade Fire Rescue

An improved appearance and better comfort drove the creation of this program coordinated by Galls. The Miami Dade Fire Rescue has over 2800 sworn personnel that respond to over 280,000 calls annually. The updated stationwear uniforms include Next Level T-shirts in both long and short-sleeved options; 511 pants, and Elbeco job shirts. The department selected a full zip shirt which allows members the ability to easily remove without the worry of contamination.

Winner: Security Agency

Member: Central de Uniformes
Program: Millennium Security

Millennium is a private security service company located in a tropical climate. Employees typically spend many hours outdoors, making the need for comfortable, breathable fabrics a must.  Central de Uniformes developed a program taking these needs into consideration, also working within the brand’s color palette to reinforce brand identity.  Two types of uniforms were developed:  garments for those located in cities combined flat and knitted fabrics for a more polished look, while field units were outfitted in more appropriate tactical wear.  Of course, all items are infused with performance features that offer UV protection, moisture wicking, Dry Tech technology, and breathability.

Winner: Navy

Member: Logistik Unicorp
Program: Royal Canadian Navy

The duties performed by members of the Canadian Navy are manifold, but also specific to the unique context of the marine environment. One of the Navy’s essential criteria is mitigating certain risks by incorporating protective features into clothing. As such, all uniform items have to be flame retardant and the garments are made with a blend of anti-static textiles. Fit and comfort were also important, and the new uniform is designed to provide a close fit for all regardless of gender.

Winner: Police Department

Member: Galls LLC
Program: Port Authority Police

The Port Authority Police Department is one of the most unique agencies in America. They have authority and jurisdiction that no other agency possesses. They are also a self-funded agency, generating revenue from the valuable assets that they own and protect. This agency outfits over 2,000 officers and protects some of the most visible and high-value areas in the country. Their image projects professionalism; their look, is classic.  

Winner: Highway Patrol

Members: Spiewak, Inc. and Galls LLC
Program: Virginia State Police

The team of Spiewak and Galls is behind this winning program that had as its goal comfortable outfits that didn’t compromise the standards of this storied department.  For over 35 years Virginia State Police had been wearing a 55/45 poly/wool uniform. Their new look incorporates a poly/wool stretch fabric with options such as a gusseted crotch, hidden button-down collar, shirt retention system, and expand-on-demand waistband that increases comfort and functionality.

Winner: Sheriff’s Department

Member: Galls LLC
Program: Orange County, FL, Sheriff’s Department

If you’ve been to Florida in the summer, you know it can be excruciatingly hot. Lightweight, breathable uniforms are a must.  This 2,700-member department did an extensive wear test before selecting the Blauer Flex RS distributed by Galls. Manufactured from lightweight, low-profile ripstop material, the uniforms are a perfect fit for the warmer climate of central Florida. Colored in the department’s traditional spruce green, the uniforms also include moisture-wicking features for comfort.

Winner: Police Department

Member: Galls LLC
Program: Miami Dade Police

Miami Dade Police is a department with over 3000 sworn officers, making it the largest police department in the southeast United States and the eighth largest in the country. In its quest for comfort and a better appearance, the department’s new uniform consists of a 5.11 pant and polo shirt, as well as a lighter-weight Class A and B uniform from Flying Cross.  Colored in taupe and brown and equipped with performance features, the garments project a first-class look.