Your Uniform Is Shedding: The Microfiber Environmental Issue

Presented on February 16, 2023

Microfibers that have shed from synthetic textiles are the #1 most prevalent form of microplastic pollution in aquatic, atmospheric, and terrestrial environments across the globe.

To ocean science and environmental communities, the term “microfiber” refers to short fiber fragments that have broken from a main textile construction. Microfibers unavoidably shed from almost all clothing and textiles during manufacture, use, and customary care. Typically too tiny to capture, microfibers end up as fugitive pollutants in the environment.

Uniform manufacturers and distributors can better their product sustainability by considering solutions that address this environmental issue.

This webinar will answer the following questions:

– What is the scale of the problem? We will educate on microfiber pollution research & statistics.
– Is it actually a “problem”? We will explain what is known and unknown about environmental impacts.
– What can we do about it, collectively and individually? We will provide an overview of industry response & current solutions available.

The webinar is presented by Intrinsic Advanced Materials, makers of CiCLO, a sustainable textile technology to help mitigate fugitive microfiber pollution.



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