Women of Wearable Tech: Reshaping the Smart Clothing Industry

Growing interest in wearable technology has created a promising environment for the smart clothing industry. Experts from Acumen Research and Consulting predict that smart clothing and e-textiles will grow to US $ 15.09 billion by 2028 and may exceed US $ 30 billion by 2040.

The wearable clothing industry is constantly evolving, with new and innovative ideas being brought to the forefront every day. While it is true that the industry is dominated by men, there are a growing number of women who are making their mark. Additionally, they are bringing unique perspectives to the field and playing an important role in shaping the wearable clothing industry as a whole.

Experts believe what sets these women apart is their ability to combine fashion and function in the garment. Whether it’s a sports bra that monitors heart rate or a dress that lights up depending on body temperature or the yoga pants alerting about the wrong posture, these women entrepreneurs create clothing that are practical and stylish. Be it designers, researchers or tech entrepreneurs venturing into fashion, women have made significant contributions to the wearable clothing industry, helping it to grow and reach new heights.