What kind of uniform is that? Marines drill for inauguration in unique style

The Marines preparing for Inauguration Day ceremonies wore black face masks, white gloves — and an unusual combination of a Vietnam-era field jacket in woodland camouflage with their khaki-and-olive green service dress uniforms.

Photos of the uncommon ensemble — made stranger by the fact that the Corps transitioned to digital camouflage nearly two decades ago — drew a number of “what are they wearing” comments on social media.

“A sad day in Marine uniforms when we look dumber than the Army,” Marine veteran Pete Lucier wrote on Twitter.

It turns out the style is unique to the historic Marine Barracks Washington, home to the service’s elite ceremonial units.

The jacket is a little more rugged for practice sessions than the formal uniform coats that Marines wear in ceremonies. But it won’t be seen at events on Jan. 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President.