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Ergonomic Fit for Uniforms and Workwear

Presented Thursday, February 18, 2021
Presenter, Dr. Jan Beringer, Hohenstein

Developing the right fit for different body shapes, especially during movement, is one of the greatest challenges for apparel. Ill-fitting workwear can restrict range of motion, lower productivity and cause injury. Hohenstein uses 3D and 4D scanning to measure body shapes of a target group during predicted motions.

Then, using analysis of how movement affects fit - and how fit affects movement - patterns and measurement tables are optimized to efficiently cover the entire target group.

Learn how to improve workwear with relevant data, improved digital or traditional design processes and clear manufacturing instructions.


Dr. Jan Beringer serves as the Senior Scientific Expert for Hohenstein.
In this role, he uses his extensive knowledge to lead the development of clothing physiology, fit and workmanship of garments, functionalization of fabrics, textile UV protection and textile reprocessing. He has extensive knowledge in textile and fiber chemistry, functionalization, nanotechnology, coating and finishing and clothing physiology. Dr. Beringer holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences in Chemistry with a focus on Textile and Fiber Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart.


Uniform Sales: How To Win RFPs And Program Contracts By Facilitating Employee Allotments

Presented February 4, 2021
Presenter: Len Greenfield, qUniform, SimbolIQ

Today's uniform customers are more demanding. Their budgets and contract demands reflect that. By offering your customers better ways to control employee ordering you can win more RFPs, contracts, and own the customer for a longer period.

In this session you will learn:
- How to expand your corporate program management revenue
- How to evolve your customer relationships by helping the customer solve their uniform budget issues using allotments
- How customers perceive the value of these uniform specifications
- How to simplify handling the data and rule management for any kind of allotment program