naumd webinars

Welcome to the

NAUMD 2021 Webinar Series,

an educational year-long event. The manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and associates of the NAUMD share their best practices with each other, and the uniform, image apparel, and public safety equipment industry.

All webinars are free to attend.

The Sprint towards Circularity (Innovation, Identification and Digitization)

This session will focus on the new technologies that are helping to advance transparency, value recovery, security and circularity through the supply chain.

We will share cutting edge trends in digital ID hardware, share insights on digital ID protocols and the many benefits recognized through advancements in technology.

This will include a sneak peek at Debrand's new Allocation Engine software platform, automated sortation, new recycling technologies and the sprint towards a more circular economy.

The talk will also feature a real-life example of circularity best practice.

DAY: Thursday, July 1, 2021
COST: Free

Improve Productivity through Comfort

Studies show a direct correlation between comfort and cognitive performance. This is especially relevant for any companies with uniformed employees and profit goals. But, isn’t comfort subjective?

Comfortable workwear is the result of dedicated, holistic product development using the principles of physics and data-based decisions. Hohenstein quantifies the workwear-human-environment interaction - specific to intended use situations.

Join us to discuss the thermal, ergonomic and skin sensory factors that enhance comfort, and therefore worker performance.


Dr. Jan Beringer serves as the Senior Scientific Expert for Hohenstein.

In this role, he uses an interdisciplinary approach to lead the development of clothing comfort, fit and workmanship of garments, functionalization of fabrics, textile UV protection and textile reprocessing. He has extensive knowledge in textile and fiber chemistry, functionalization, nanotechnology, coating and finishing and clothing physiology.

Dr. Beringer holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences in Chemistry with a focus on Textile and Fiber Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart.

DAY: Thursday, July 15, 2021
COST: Free