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an educational year-long event. The manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and associates of the NAUMD share their best practices with each other, and the uniform, image apparel, and public safety equipment industry.

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February 29, 2024, at 10:00 AM CST USA

Navigating Due Diligence: Protecting People And Planet Throughout Your Supply Chain

Supply chain due diligence is the systematic process of assessing, preventing and mitigating risks in your supply chain, especially to workers and the planet. It is essential to transparency, sustainability and risk management.

Basically, it means that companies are responsible for the impact of their entire supply, not just tier 1.

Several state, US and EU governments have implemented - or are planning - laws with various approaches to enforcement and penalties. They include mandates for traceability, analysis, prevention, record keeping, reporting, mitigation and grievance processes.

No matter what part of the supply chain you occupy, these laws will affect you.

Join us for a webinar to answer:

  • What is due diligence and why should we care?
  • What due diligence frameworks and guidelines exist?
  • What US and EU laws are in place and on the horizon?
  • How am I supposed to prevent and mitigate risk in all tiers of my supply chain?
  • Where do I start?


Marie Oldopp, Sustainability Development Manager, Hohenstein

Marie Oldopp is strategy developer with global experience. She has worked with suppliers, producers and brands on chemical management, processes structuring, capacity building and training. Marie manages Hohenstein’s internal sustainability strategy and consults with clients on their due diligence processes, supply chain management and requirement catalogue development. Marie holds a B.Sc. in textile engineering and an MS in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science.

Will Troutman – Attorney, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

Will is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP and the Head of Consumer Markets, US and Co-Lead for ESG and Human Rights, US. He concentrates his practice on product safety and compliance, ESG, and market access for the US and California. Will's expertise includes product recalls, incident evaluation, and regulatory compliance for consumer products, food, cosmetics, and automotive parts; ESG issues in transactions, supply chain dynamics, modern slavery and human rights, and greenwashing, brand, and advertising; and compliance and enforcement for chemicals and pesticides, including Proposition 65 and PFAS substances.

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