Warson Brands

Nov 14, 2022 | Member Profiles

The Warson Brands business model is simple: the better their shoes perform, the better their  customers perform. 

Warson Brands, also known as Warson Group Inc., is the official licensee of Reebok Inc.; The Rockport Group; and Florsheim Group Inc. The company has been in the occupational and military footwear business since 1988, and offers nearly 400 styles of safety footwear for men and women. They design and engineer footwear for nearly every occupation on the planet. Designing and crafting occupational and duty uniform footwear isn’t just a sideline, it’s their passion, and their one and only business. 

Dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, Warson Brands believes that environmental compliance with laws and regulations protecting the environment is paramount. Their ongoing process of sustainability requires them to implement solutions encouraging long term sustainability by creating innovative strategies for waste reduction, water conservation and energy savings. The company and its business partners utilize energy efficient utilities, production methods which are eco-friendly and recycle significant portions of the waste it  creates.

And when it comes to customer service, what would you expect? Their aim is to provide world class customer service. Period. Warson’s staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and works hard to earn a customer’s business every day.