VF Corp Sets 2025 Sustainable Packaging Goals

VF Corp announced its goal to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging, including polybags, by 2025. All remaining non-plastic packaging used by VF and its brands will be reduced, originate from sustainable sources and be designed for reuse or recyclability.

“With a portfolio comprising some of the world’s most iconic apparel and footwear brands, we recognize we play an important role as environmental stewards and can serve as a catalyst for industry movements that drive positive change,” said Jeannie Renné-Malone, VP of global sustainability for VF. “Our new global packaging goals are an example of how we can leverage our scale for significant impact. In just one year, we could potentially eliminate as many as 100 million polybags from our packaging waste.”

Advancing Sustainable Packaging
Given the magnitude of plastic packaging waste worldwide, the focus on sustainable packaging is a critical component of VF’s global sustainability strategy. VF’s sustainable packaging goals include the following: