Uniformmarket Launches New Operations in Australia & New Zealand

UniformMarket (UM), the leading SaaS eCommerce platform built exclusively for the uniform industry across North America, has announced that it has expanded its operations into new international territories including Australia and New Zealand.

“After the immense growth that our business has achieved in the uniform industry for nearly two decades, expanding into the ANZ region of the world is the next logical step,” CEO of SellersCommerce, Ashok Reddy, said. “We’re beyond excited to be able to deliver the world’s best SaaS eCommerce platform that’s built exclusively for the uniform industry to our customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand – as that region will become a focal point of growth for us in 2021 and beyond.”

This announcement follows the success the company has endured after working with more than 700+ retailers, 100+ distributors and manufacturers in North America in just the last 15 years alone. Now after securing business with the premier distributor of Australia’s workwear brands across the world, it became clear to UniformMarket that the ANZ region is in dire need of a strong and capable SaaS solution provider like UniformMarket.

ANZ partners of UniformMarket will have immediate access to the popular B2B Program Manager and the new Distributor Portal that premiered recently to help solve the challenges of manufacturers who are unable to manage both B2C and B2B e-commerce accounts through a single administrative portal.

Apart of expanding operations in the ANZ region, UniformMarket has also been gaining traction in the Europe and the Middle East, as well, which has contributed to the company’s larger efforts to go global by 2023.

About UniformMarket: Growing from the pages of MadeToMeasure Magazine, UniformMarket is the #1 B2C/B2B e-commerce platform that provides powerful, customized solutions for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in order to help them run their uniform programs efficiently. They offer powerful tools to scale up uniform businesses in a variety of industries including public safety, medical, corporate, and others.

About SellersCommerce: SellersCommerce is the parent company of UniformMarket and is a leading eCommerce provider in the uniform, promotional products, and many other industry-specific fields. In addition to building customizable eCommerce solutions, they also build PIM systems and does platform integrations.