UniformMarket launches new Catalog Communication Manager

UniformMarket has launched Catalog Communication Manager, a new administrative portal that provides a one-stop shop to help dealers and retailers locate and house various catalog information and product data. The portal is designed to help retailers and dealers who are experiencing difficulty managing all of their catalog data and to subvert the time-consuming process of reaching out to multiple suppliers at different times.

“For retailers on Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion and various others generic eCommerce platforms, this is a big deal,” CEO of UniformMarket, Ashok Reddy, said. “This new portal not only mitigates the challenges with product data and catalog information, but it’s also available for retailers who do not necessarily use the SellersCommerce platform.”

Among the benefits offered with the new Catalog Communication Manager include:

  1. Select and subscribe up to 130+ uniform supplier catalogs that range from medical, public safety, industrial FR, corporate wear, and more.

  2. Offers a single source for all product information – no additional staff required to scrub data anymore!

  3. Reduce time required to cleanse data and save more than 10K a year with eCommerce-ready data feeds.

  4. Enjoy zero restrictions and charges on bandwidth or storage – search and download as many product images and videos as you want.

  5. Get live inventory feeds from up to 20 different suppliers.

  6. Reduce significantly all upfront inventory and order fulfillment costs by subscribing to more than 15+ dropship suppliers on the platform.

The Catalog Communication Manager proves to be a simple and yet powerful tool, which will enable dealers and retailers to download supplier feeds either in CSV format, FTP, XML or API-based.

About UniformMarket: Growing from the pages of MadeToMeasure Magazine, UniformMarket, powered by SellersCommerce, is the leading B2B/B2C e-commerce platform that provides powerful, customized solutions for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to launch their online stores. With over 16 years of experience, we built our product from the ground up and offer powerful tools to scale up online businesses to meet the needs of a variety of industries including public safety, medical, corporate, and others.