UniformMarket Announces Release of new Manufacturer Product, “Dealer Stores”

UniformMarket, a SaaS eCommerce platform built exclusively for the uniform industry across North America, Middle East, and ANZ region, has announced the release of a new product for uniform manufacturers of both small and enterprises called “Dealer Stores”.

After promoting the catalogs of over 120 manufacturers and suppliers in the uniform space to more than 1,000 retailers, UniformMarket realized that manufacturers need a more simpler and easy-to-use eCommerce solution to help serve multiple customer segments of wholesalers and dealers. The Dealer Store product essentially provides a B2B2C business platform for uniform suppliers and manufacturers to instantly create stores and enable the retailers network to start selling their products.

Dealer Stores are a huge jump in the evolution and innovation of eCommerce technology,” CEO of UniformMarket, Ashok Reddy, said. “We see a huge opportunity for manufacturers in this time of COVID to help struggling brick n’ mortar retailers by offering a free-to-use eCommerce store. Early adopters of these B2B2C stores, like promotional products companies, SanMar and alphabroder, have already started running these programs and seen the benefits of gaining such trusted promotional distributors and embroiderers. We want to offer this solution to all the suppliers and manufacturers in the uniform and promotional product industries.”

Dealer Store Benefits:

Create stores on the fly by selecting from preset templates. It greatly reduces the launch time of the store.

Allow or restrict store modifications made by the dealer. • Control and manage selling from other suppliers in the store.

Create a full-scale eCommerce experience for each micro store you create.

In conjunction with the Dealer Stores, UniformMarket is working tirelessly to develop and enhance more online customization tools as per the current and future needs of the uniform eCommerce industry. The Dealer Store eCommerce product is already being implemented for 3 of the major players in the uniform space.

About UniformMarket:

Growing from the pages of MadeToMeasure Magazine, UniformMarket is a leading B2B/B2C e-commerce platform that provides powerful, customized solutions for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in order to launch their online stores. With over 16 years of experience, we built our product from the ground-up and offer powerful tools to scale up online businesses to meet the needs of a variety of industries including public safety, medical, corporate, and others