UNIFORM DEALER TRAINING: Workwear Considerations Season By Season

Presented July 14, 2022
Sponsored by Berne Apparel

This webinar will explore how workwear may be adjusted to assist workers on a seasonal basis.

Industrial occupations face temperature, safety, visibility, and other challenges depending on geography and seasonal variations.

We will look at how a uniform distributor can specify and recommend workwear that meets the needs of the wearer at any time of the year when it comes to safety and comfort.

And, just because it is summer time it does not mean you cannot sell heavy jackets. Uniform dealers can look at the various industries which are in the market in order to find opportunities. For example, freezer-type plants need cold-weather gear year-round. Cooler plants that stock different types of fruits use goods such as sweatshirts etc.

Uniform dealers can note that with the supply chain being the way it is currently, they need to plan ahead in order to stay ahead of the curve. Watch for suppliers that may have pulled away uniform customers, leaving a void in the market.

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