The Future of Fit: How Augmented Reality Can Assist Uniform Purchasing

Sponsored by FIT:MATCH
Presented March 17, 2022

There is much discussion surrounding uniform fitting solutions. The interest from uniform manufacturers and distributors in how best to assist wearers in quickly and accurately identifying their fit is a challenge. And there is greater interest in solving that problem with technology, rather than measuring individuals each time.

This webinar examines the concept of using augmented reality software as an approach. May sound like science fiction to some, but the company FIT:MATCH is already working with fashion brands and uniform companies on real world solutions. The approach may be one possible future of how fit is handled, and uniform apparel orders placed accurately.

The technology brings potential solutions for remote fittings, product data gathering, improved inventory management, and perhaps even forecasting.

Rick Levine, Executive Director of NAUMD, will speak with FIT:MATCH leaders Romel Wallen, Head of Partnerships, and Maya Lopez, Marketing Coordinator, in a dialogue on how augmented reality may play a role the future of uniform fit.

More info: https://www.fitmatch.ai/
More info: https://naumd.com



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