Talking Uniforms with 95-Year-Old Designer Elaine Goldsmith

Today we have something very special. Give me a minute to set it up and provide some context.

So: Three years ago, I ran a blog post about a 1965 catalog that had been loaned to me by Uni Watch reader Tom Jacobsen. The catalog was from a New York company called Saxony, which made uniforms for stadium workers. Their big claim to fame at the time was that they had designed the inaugural uniforms for the workers at Shea Stadium, which had opened in 1964.

The Saxony catalog included copies of newspaper clippings about the Shea uniforms, one of which said that the Saxony designer who worked on the Shea project was named Elaine Goldsmith. I doubted she was still alive, plus her name was fairly common, plus-plus Saxony had long since gone out of business, so I didn’t spend any time trying to track her down. Just seeing the catalog and getting to write about it was exciting enough for me. (If you haven’t already read that blog post about the Saxony catalog, or if you just want to refresh your memory, I suggest that you check it out here before reading further.)