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Samuel Broome Uniform Accessories

Dec 5, 2022 | Member Profiles

Even in an age of casual office wear, ties mark professionalism. They enhance the wearer’s presentation, and signal capability, in the same way that eye glasses make people look smart. Nothing says sharp-dressed like a carefully selected necktie. And for uniform programs, it’s often the neckwear that “ties” the look together. 

Samuel Broome Uniform Accessories has been in the neckwear business for over 100 years.  Since 1917, the company has been a leading manufacturer of neckwear and accessories to the uniform and career apparel industries. Their design teams specialize in corporate identity and promotional design, and can custom design any program. They also have an extensive line of in-stock products.  

Lines include the Studio Collection by Samuel Broome, Uniform Cravats, Career Cravats and School Cravats. From clip-on ties to velcro ties to bow and dress ties, Samuel Broome is the one-stop shop for many in the public safety, military, security, transportation, hospitality industries, as well as the clubs, schools and the United States Postal Service.

But don’t be fooled: Samuel Broome is more than just a tie manufacturer.  They also make caps, gloves, belts and other accessories needed to complete your look.


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