Past meets present as colourful retro look comes to Scotties uniforms

Part retro, part modern, all with new colourful hooks and a dash of pizzazz.

Uniforms are getting an update at the Canadian women’s curling championship starting Friday in Calgary. The feel of the shirts is the same but they’ll feature a distinct nod to yesteryear with their colour and tone.

Provincial and territorial coats of arms and logos will remain and there will be symmetrical mid-arm and side panel piping. Names will be in block letters in an arched banner-style bar on the back.

Among the more notable colour changes: brown has been incorporated in some of the Manitoba designs and beige was worked into the Ontario uniform. One of the Manitoba jerseys features an out-of-the-box blue and white look that hearkens back to 1981.

“I’m very excited to be able to tie past traditions of the sport in with the future of the game,” said Colin Hodgson, co-founder of Dynasty Curling, the on-ice uniform partner of Curling Canada.