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Ouragins Introduces New Tech-Powered Scrubs for Healthcare Apparel Industry

Ouragins, the high tech medical uniform company, is upgrading the wardrobe of healthcare professionals by infusing germ-killing copper into all of their scrubs.

Antimicrobial scrubs today use silver coatings, the same technology present in activewear. However, this technology is ineffective for a hospital setting since silver requires hot, wet environments to be most effective at reducing germs.

“Antimicrobial silver coatings work great on a sweat soaked gym shirt,” said Shaun Veran, microbiologist and CEO at Ouragins. “But in a cold, clinical setting, it is wholly inadequate at reducing the presence of germs and it puts healthcare professionals at risk for infection.”

Ouragins aims to address the problem with a new antimicrobial technology: ThreadFusion. The Ouragins scrubs made with this copper-based infusion technology have been shown to kill 99% of germs after just 2 hours. These independent tests reveal ThreadFusion to be 4x more effective at reducing germs compared to the existing market.

Ouragins is serving 20+ million healthcare workers across the US with the more efficient antimicrobial scrubs. A vast majority of healthcare workers (85%) purchase their own scrubs with 65% of them owning at least 6 pairs. This results in a recession-resistant market for the $94 billion industry. Ouragins is currently raising money in an equity crowdfunding campaign.

About Ouragins

Ouragins is a direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand reshaping the relationship between brands and consumers. At its core, Ouragins brings advanced antimicrobial infusion technologies, extremely comfortable fabric, and stylish designs to the wardrobes of healthcare professionals. Pioneering the ownership economy business model, Ouragins gives its customers the opportunity to earn stocks in the company simply by shopping with the brand. For more information, visit http://www.ouragins.com