Open Call Deadline June 14h – 3D Tech Fest 2024: The Physical-Digital Evolution

Jun 10, 2024 | Technology

In an increasingly digital world, what happens to the physical? How do we reconcile physical products with digital culture, or digital design with the physical world? 

This year, 3D Tech Fest will explore the dynamic fusion of fashion and technology across physical and digital worlds. From overcomplicated AI to how algorithms flattened culture, the evolution of Digital Product Creation (DPC), and technical tools revolutionizing the industry, we are on a mission to unravel today’s paradoxical physical-digital world and inspire a better future for the fashion industry.

Now in its fifth anniversary year, Alvanon welcomes proposals to present at this year’s 3D Tech Fest 2024: The Physical-Digital Evolution. We are searching for dynamic sessions that will engage and educate attendees of the world’s biggest festival of 3D, apparel and fashion. We welcome submissions from all individuals and organizations involved in the fashion and apparel industry, including designers, manufacturers, educators, researchers, students and entrepreneurs. 

We encourage proposals that showcase innovative approaches, best practices, and case studies that illustrate the impact of technology shaping the fashion industry this year. 

Proposals should be submitted no later than June 14, 2024. Proposals will be reviewed anonymously by a panel of industry experts, journalists, practitioners, and researchers. 

View the Open Call and submit here.