Nonprofit Slow Factory Works to Slow Down Fast Fashion

Everything you make returns to the earth either as food or poison.

That unsettling line appears on the website for the Slow Factory Foundation, a 501c3 public service organization operating as an open education institute, an independent research lab & new media platform, and a granting & empowerment fund.

Slow Factory sees fashion as a vehicle for social, cultural and environmental change. Their work expands far beyond the fashion industry in scope and impact; initiatives and programs focus on circular design, material innovation and addressing social inequity. Through media platforms, Slow Factory translates complex information related to climate and social justice for the public.

The Foundation has been operating education, design and community initiatives in the fashion sector since 2013 working with partners including global brands, nonprofits and academia.

There is an inexorable link between fashion and the uniform industry, according to NAUMD’s Rick Levine. “The uniform industry can of course learn from the fashion industry. And we in-turn inform and often educate the fashion industry via the innovations our industry develops,” said Levine. “The Slow Factory Foundation is an organization we can all learn from as they assist garment manufacturers and designers who want to understand how to counter fast fashion and unsustainable practices.”

Learn More: https://slowfactory.foundation/