New to Member Network: Safe Reflections

New to Member Network: Safe Reflections

Welcome to NAUMD’s latest new member, Safe Reflections. Founded in 1993 by former 3M™ inventor Bob Koppes, Safe Reflections Inc. has increased the visibility of people who work, play or defend in nighttime and low-light conditions. This Minnesota company is a industry leader that continues to innovate, energize and drive the visibility industry.

Safe Reflections has been partnering with the occupational safety industry for more than 25 years to provide the most innovative, durable, and brightest reflective solutions on the market. The company also strives to be a global leader in sustainability within the textile market. If required, SRI offers many products that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, a worldwide certification system for textile products which sets limit values on dangerous compounds and chemicals.

You can learn more about Safe Reflections products by visiting https://safereflections.com/