New to Member Network: Elastic Suite

A warm welcome to new NAUMD member Elastic Suite. Elastic Suite provides scalable solutions that adapt as a company’s IT roadmap and sales needs as they evolve. With billions of dollars processed globally, Elastic’s B2B is the ultimate sales platform leveraged by brands of all sizes and varying business objectives.

Elastic Suite and Digital Market are fully integrated and utilize the same core technology, data systems, and client support resources. The result is a streamlined digital wholesale merchandising and purchasing process for retailers across brands through a single platform. For the first time, retailers can seamlessly connect to all global brands using Elastic Suite in one place.

Elastic also enables brands to present a curated product mix that inspires engagement and collaboration between manufacturers and retailers. The days of heavy print catalogs and wasted resources are over. Enter, Elastic.

Visit them on the web: https://www.elasticsuite.com/