New Marine Corps maternity uniforms: designed by women, for women

The Marine Corps is improving many facets of maternity uniforms to meet the needs of all Marines.

In April, Marine Corps Systems Command will begin releasing a series of modifications to the service, dress, combat and physical training maternity uniform items to address capability gaps involving fit, comfort and appearance.

The efforts include improvements to existing uniforms and the development of new clothing items. The enhanced maternity uniforms incorporate clothing attributes reflective of innovative commercial industry technology in design and fabric development.

This multiphase project exemplifies the Marine Corps’ investment in equipping Marines with comfortable, effective clothing as well as their dedication to supporting the recruitment and retention of Marines—an objective featured in 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger’s Commandant’s Planning Guidance.

“The population of expectant Marines may be small,” said Lucinda Stocks, a program analyst with MCSC’s Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment. “But developing these maternity uniforms is important for the future of the Marine Corps.”