New Class of Workwear by Vestex Now Available

A New Class of FDA Cleared Workwear that protects from microorganisms and body fluids is now available at the VESTEX Protects® Store which recently launched on the Amazon marketplace. The clothing is the first of a new class of FDA 510(k) Cleared apparel — workwear specifically designed for occupations that may encounter unexpected exposure to microorganisms, blood, body fluids and other infectious substances.

Protective measures adopted during the coronavirus pandemic have made it clear to everyone from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and childcare workers that their current uniforms, pants, shirts, blouses, scrubs, and lab coats don’t protect them.

What OSHA describes as “general work clothes” are well known to acquire, retain and transmit viruses and bacteria. Apparel protected by VESTEX is soft, breathable, comfortable, wicking, stain-resistant and durable yet offers the comfort and style people demand. Until now, VESTEX apparel was only available to employees of major health systems. The dedicated VESTEX Protects Store on Amazon features an ever-growing inventory of apparel produced by a roster of officially licensed VESTEX partners.

“For those employed in healthcare settings, poultry and meat processing, the food, restaurant or hospitality industries, protection from disease-causing bacteria, viruses and contaminated fluids is more critical than ever. The VESTEX Protects Amazon store provides these workers access to scientifically proven, effective, and safe workwear that is FDA Cleared to provide microbial protection to keep people safe,” said Ben Favret, Founder & CEO of VESTEX® Protects.

Everyone should wear PPE when appropriate as VESTEX does not replace PPE worn for specific uses.


VESTEX®, is the first of a new class of FDA 510(k) Cleared Active Barrier protective apparel combining antimicrobial, fluid repellent and comfort properties. The Association of Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) likens clothing to “a virtual conveyer belt for infection.” VESTEX fabric is designed to protect uniforms and work apparel by reducing the acquisition, retention and transmission of microorganisms on clothing. Based on the research reviewed by the FDA, VESTEX earned an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association (AHA) in 2015 following the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process. Recent studies concluded VESTEX is more effective than conventional uniforms at repelling fluids and reducing the retention of methicillin-resistant staph on the fabric.

For more information, or to inquire about partnerships and licensing opportunities, visit the newly relaunched and redesigned website, The ability of VESTEX to reduce the retention of MRSA on the fabric surface has not been shown to correlate with the reduction of infections. Clinical studies to evaluate reduction in infection have not been performed for this device. VESTEX Apparel is not intended to replace personal protective equipment.