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Network Member Profile: Smith & Warren

Nov 28, 2022 | Member Profiles

To the outsider, a badge may not seem like much – on the surface, it’s a piece of metal that’s affixed to a person’s uniform. But for public safety professionals, the badge is a great source of pride. It’s the most meaningful piece of the uniform, and it’s an inspiration for those men and women who go out and work hard to protect and serve their communities every day.

It is in service to these dedicated professionals that Smith & Warren has been proudly manufacturing badges and uniform insignia in the United States since 1925.  Because of this pride and dedication to quality, the company stands behind every badge that it makes.  Looking for a full lifetime warranty? Look no further than Smith & Warren.  

Through extensive investments in engineering and manufacturing technology, the company has expanded its product line to include over 600 customizable badge styles, and over 5000 center seals. Its VisualBadge interface enables users to customize a badge or insignia, and has revolutionized how dealers communicate with Smith & Warren.  Badge Studio is the solution for those seeking a fully custom badge.  Smith & Warren’s expert staff will hand sketch a badge,  streamline the process and design a one-of-a-kind look for any department or agency. 

Smith & Warren has remained dedicated to manufacturing their badges in the United States, with assembly of a Smith & Warren badge all done on premises. The individual attention and care that each badge receives is significant, but the company wouldn’t have it any other way.  Smith & Warren knows that a badge isn’t just a badge. It’s a symbol of dedication, hard work and a commitment to the communities that public safety professionals serve.  As such, it’s important to deliver only the very best.



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