NAUMD Report: Hospitality Labor Statistics March 2021

We have assembled a 35-page overview of the employment levels for a number of hospitality markets in North America. This is not comprehensive but certainly can provide a few insights for consideration for uniform and image apparel industry members. A few dozen sources are cited with links to the data sources as well.

From the introduction:

“Hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, theme parks, and a variety of other enterprises fall under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. Nearly any business that deals with customer loyalty and is based on satisfying leisurely needs rather than basic ones falls under the hospitality industry umbrella. The hospitality industry always aims to provide an enjoyable experience for all who participate. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, the facilities sometimes offer convenient amenities such as showers or complimentary valet parking, and their revenue typically relies on whether or not people enjoy being there.

A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or an amusement park consists of units such as facility maintenance and direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, management, marketing, and human resources, etc.).”

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