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NASA’s New Spacesuit: It’s a Look

Mar 19, 2023 | Military

Space is getting a new look — sort of. Last week, just after the end of the Paris fashion collections and with the sort of sonic crescendo attached to the most extravagant runway shows, NASA unveiled the new Artemis III lunar spacesuit at Space Center Houston. Which is to say, the first real reconsideration of the spacesuit in 40 years.

Created in collaboration with Axiom Space, it has an outer cover in black for a bit of edge, with cool splashes of navy and orange at the knees, shoulders and ankles and a deep-V overlay at the chest — for victory, or vroom. (There’s also a little American flag on one shoulder.) The effect is less Michelin Man, the style of the old Apollo suits, and more Hulk-meets-anthropomorphic-anteater-meets-“Star Trek.”


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