Aug 15, 2022 | Member Profiles

When the majority of your day is spent on two wheels, you need apparel that moves as fast as you do. That’s what Mocean Tactical, a leading American manufacturer of bike patrol apparel, provides its customers.

From our moisture-wicking and water-repellant fabrics to vented knees and side-seam pocket features to oversized fits that accommodate body armor, Motion makes products designed to offer users the ultimate in movement, protection and comfort. Products are inspired by customers, from their input on what works – and what doesn’t. The end result is smarter designs that provide both enhanced fit and performance.

Mocean Tactical is proudly owned by the Sitnasuak Native Corporation headquartered in Nome, Alaska. Created by our Natives peoples with the US Congress in 1971 under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Visit Website