Making a Difference: Penn Emblem Partners with Disability Consultants for More Inclusive Workforce

Pennsylvania manufacturer Penn Emblem has always been about people. During the pandemic, the company donated masks to area non profits, and opened its heart to neighboring communities in need. Now it has taken on a new initiative: building a more inclusive workplace.

Penn Emblem recently partnered with James Emmett & Company, a team of disability consultants who support companies in launching relationships with local disability employment vendors and helps build the internal capacity to recruit, hire, train and retain employees with disabilities.

“An inclusive workforce has always been my goal for Penn Emblem and working with James Emmett has brought that vision to life,” says Penn Emblem President, Randi Blumenthal. “It is not enough for us to simply say that we are open to hiring people with disabilities, we must walk the walk, too. We are building a completely inclusive environment that is not just about hiring with diversity, but training current employees with the same mindset. It is an awakening for our team, and we hope, for the world.”

So far, Penn Emblem has hired 22 people with disabilities in its Mira Loma plant.