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Liberty Uniform

Liberty Uniform is a privately held manufacturing company based in the foothills of South Carolina, the heartland of the American textile community. Its owners and top management aren’t newcomers to the industry; they have spent their entire careers in the manufacture, design and sales of uniforms. 

The heart of the company’s product line are shirts, trousers and outerwear geared toward public safety professionals and private security. Liberty Uniform is a major player in this field, leading the way in price, quality and design. Additionally, Liberty manufactures some specialty items such as EMS trousers, blazers, windbreakers, raincoats, sweaters and knit identification shirts.

Liberty Uniform stocks hundreds of thousands of garments at all times resulting in quick deliveries of large shipments. Over 97% of all orders are shipped complete the day they are received. Alterations such as hemming, striping and applying patches usually ship the same day as well.

Network member Liberty Uniform will be exhibiting its line at NAUMD’s upcoming convention.  Be sure to stop by their booth to learn more.