Feb 6, 2023 | Member Profiles

Looking to create the next must-have product that customers clamor for?  Then check out NAUMD network member Liberta.

The company began as a wholesaler providing items as part of a mail-order business and expanded to feature products in retail locations in Japan and services overseas. Today, Liberta is a product planning company that works with others to develop those “I want this!” products and value that consumers want without the need for explanations. 

How do they accomplish this? The answer can be found in the company’s name.  Liberta means freedom, and that core belief influences every decision. Eschewing preconceived ideas and traditional mindsets, the company assembled an unconventional staff with an eye on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, an environment where one can freely think and freely express ideas.  

Liberta is active in the beauty, general goods, consumer and functional apparel sectors.  Popular brands include tech-infused products such as Freeze Tech, Heat Master and ThermoOne