Kolkata-based Kariwala Industries Achieves Prestigious Certification

Jun 17, 2024 | Awards

Kariwala Industries Limited, a prominent player in the textile manufacturing sector, has been awarded the esteemed Great Place To Work Certification™, a globally recognized benchmark for outstanding workplace culture. This accolade highlights Kariwala’s commitment to fostering an environment where employees thrive, a commitment that extends far beyond the company’s primary business of producing eco-friendly bags and fashion accessories.

The certification, which is awarded based on rigorous evaluation and employee feedback, is a significant marker of excellence. It requires at least 70% of an organization’s employees to rate it as a great place to work. For Kariwala Industries, this recognition is not just a testament to its employee-friendly policies but also a reflection of its core values of ethics, sustainability, and community engagement 

At Kariwala, the certification translates into enhanced reputation and attractiveness in the competitive job market. Potential employees are more likely to seek out and prefer working for a company with a proven track record of valuing its workforce. This edge in talent acquisition is crucial in today’s market, where companies continuously strive to attract and retain the best minds.

For current employees, the benefits are palpable. The company has cultivated a supportive atmosphere that promotes professional growth and personal well-being. Employees like Veena, a merchandiser at Kariwala, praise the organization for its unique culture and camaraderie. She emphasizes that the company feels more like a family, united by shared values and mutual respect. This sentiment is echoed by Suman, a production manager, who highlights the nurturing environment and the emphasis on innovation and excellence as key factors that make Kariwala a standout employer.

This recognition also positions Kariwala Industries favorably in the eyes of potential business partners. The certification signals to clients and collaborators that the company adheres to high standards of workplace excellence, thereby enhancing its reliability and trustworthiness. In an industry where ethical practices and sustainability are increasingly valued, Kariwala’s status as a certified great workplace can drive customer trust and loyalty, and encourage other businesses to seek partnerships with them.

The business implications of this certification extend further. Companies that achieve this status often see tangible benefits such as higher productivity and lower turnover rates, which directly contribute to better business performance. Engaged employees are more likely to innovate and suggest improvements, leading to growth and enhanced customer service. For Kariwala, this means not only maintaining but also potentially expanding its market presence in the 44 countries it currently operates in, with ambitions to reach 100.

Kariwala Industries Limited’s achievement of the Great Place To Work Certification™ is a landmark event that underscores the company’s dedication to its employees and ethical business practices. It reflects a workplace where happiness and productivity go hand in hand, benefiting employees, the company, and its business partners alike (Great Place to Work) (Great Place to Work).