Introducing The Uniformer, a new podcast series from NAUMD

NAUMD is pleased to introduce The Uniformer, a new podcast series where industry leaders and up-and-coming professionals hear from the experts, learn best practices and grow their knowledge base. Hosted by Rick Levine of the NAUMD, the podcast is a casual conversation, talk show format. Guests tell the origin stories of companies, their careers, discuss their products, speak about their customers, offer advice on how they manage uniform programs, and go off on tangents about work, family and life.

“The Uniformer is a celebration of the workforce it takes to drive the uniform industry,” said Levine. “We talk with thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and others who help shape our industry. We discuss best practices, case studies, ways to improve corporate culture, sustainability activities, giving solid advice, and revel in the industry’s bright future.”

The first five episodes have already been posted and can be heard today. Lee Galperin of Smith & Warren tells the origin story of the company’s early days. His father and sister playing roles they did not expect.

Phil Newman of Cobmex has rich experience in fashion, but the uniform industry pulled him in one day. He has not let go since. You may also enjoy the session with Chris Collopy, vice president, IEA, in which he discusses numerous international uniform programs.  Rounding out the current crop of talks are Steve Robinson, CEO of Liberty Uniforms; and David Ludmar, CEO, Eiseman Ludmar Company

Future episodes will become available twice a month, on Thursdays. Upcoming segments include Leslie McArdle, a senior merchandising manager at Aramark. There is a dynamic chat with designer Luly Yang, a powerful voice in the world uniform style. We will also be talking with Mike Faddon, the new CEO at Galls, in an upcoming episode.

The Uniformer is free to listen to, and can be found various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Podbean. You can also listen right from the NAUMD website: https://naumd.com/podcasts/

“The vertical uniform, image apparel, and public safety equipment markets are comprised of thousands of dedicated team members across multiple channels,” continued Levine. “We are proud of our industry that helps millions of North-American employees feel safe, well dressed, and ready for work.”

Interested in being a guest on The Uniformer? Learn how here.