Industry Veterans Innovating Eco-Friendly, Recycled Textile Manufacturing

Hybridworks Chemical President Bud Honshell and Bob Fesmire, Chairman of Ellis Corporation and Ludell Manufacturing, an investor partner in Hybridworks, collaborate to bring groundbreaking, sustainable textile manufacturing to market.

Bud Honshell President of Hybridworks Chemical, LLC (Hybridworks), in association with Bob Fesmire, Chairman of Ellis Corporation and Ludell Manufacturing, an investor partner in Hybridworks announced last week a ground-breaking development in the production of sustainable textiles created from waste textiles destined for landfill or incineration. This process reduces crude oil in the process of making textiles.

Bud Honshell, CEO of Hybridworks, and Bob Fesmire, CEO of Ellis Corp formed a joint venture to commercialize the successful research and development efforts of Hybridworks aimed at vastly improving sustainable textile processes. The new entity operates under the Hybridworks Chemical name. Mr. Honshell and Mr. Fesmire are longtime leaders in the industrial laundry and textile industries with over 100 years of experience between them. Their familiarity with the industry’s evolving demands allowed them to identify a major opportunity in recycled garments and linens on which their new venture is founded.

“The industry is looking for better ways to respond to consumer demand for more sustainable textile products. Bob and I came together to meet this demand and we’re thrilled to unveil the Hyrbridworks solution – a solution for our industry, for consumers, and for the planet as we reduce our carbon footprint for textiles by requiring less crude oil, our unique process is patent pending ” said Honshell

While textile recycling has been in place for several decades, end-of-life textile product from Industrial laundries and other fashion manufacturers are still sent to landfills at alarming rates. The EPA estimates textiles account for 17 million tons of waste in landfills annually in the United States alone. The revolutionary Hybridworks initiative utilizes innovative, patent-pending methods and equipment to recover terephthalic acid, ethylene glycol, and pure cotton from waste textiles that were otherwise destined for the landfill. Eco-friendly uniforms, linens, and even fashion garments can then be produced from these raw materials salvaged by the Hybridworks methods.

The Hybridworks approach represents a revolution in textiles that both industrial and consumer markets are forecast to love. The novel, hydrothermal approach to effective and efficient textile recycling is three-years in the making led by Hybridworks, together with Ellis Corp, the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), with support from the Entrepreneurs’ Center in Dayton, Ohio. The company is now expanding partnerships as they move from the lab to commercial initiatives. “We look forward to further developing processes and products with partners interested in being on the cutting edge of recycled textile-to-textile innovation and creating what we know will be a game-changing model for sustainable textiles,” concluded Fesmire

Hybridworks Chemical, LLC was formed in 2020 specifically to create a sustainable process for recovery of textiles. Bud Honshell along with investors Trent Fisher and Sukir Sinnathamby originated the company and sought manufacturing help from Bob Fesmire of Ellis Corporation who became an investor partner in 2021. Ellis Corporation, founded in 1898, is a fifth generation manufacture of industrial laundry machinery and Ludell Manufacturing Co., manufacturer of Water Solution Systems. Robert H. Fesmire, Sr. Is Chairman for both companies. www.elliscorp.com


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