How Clean Green Laundering Promotes COVID-19 Safety in Workplaces

As most people realize by this point, managing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis requires a multi-pronged approach. Surfaces must be cleaned, hands must be washed, faces must be covered—and those are only a few of the customary safety measures for preventing infection. One of the more overlooked types of infection hazards is the clothing we wear in the workplace. Keeping employee apparel and uniforms clean is vital to curtail the risk of spreading COVID-19 among personnel and customers.

There are several approaches for achieving this goal, but, as we will see, your best strategy is to rely on a third-party organization that specializes in Clean Green laundering services. These services can wash and sanitize your employee’s uniforms to eradicate any traces of the COVID-19 virus while minimizing negative impacts to the environment.

Clothing and COVID-19

Does the presence of COVID-19 on clothing really pose a workplace hazard? It is well established that the virus can spread through exposure to extremely tiny respiratory droplets from an infected person. These droplets, which can be expelled from the mouth by coughing, sneezing, talking, or just breathing, can linger in the air or collect on surfaces. How long the virus can survive in the air or on surfaces—and remain infectious—depends on a variety of factors, including the temperature of the immediate area.