Health care apparel brand WonderWink rebrands as Wink

May 27, 2024 | Healthcare

Health care apparel brand WonderWink is dropping the first half of its name as part of a rebranding effort.

The brand, now called Wink, has initiated a rebrand to reposition itself as a health care apparel company focused on style and fit. The focus is on introducing products that make it easier for health care workers to perform their roles by incorporating design touches that are mindful of all the tasks a health care worker might have to perform. In addition to the name change, the company has also slightly altered its logo. 

“WonderWink before had a different logo, one that we felt didn’t represent the modern-day consumer,” Sue Kapllani, senior vice president of brand and strategy, told Modern Retail “In fact, it seemed a little bit too childish. We wanted to modernize our brand. But we still wanted to hold on to the brand attributes that are true and authentic to us, which is that we’re playful and we’re real.”