Frederick County Sheriff’s Office unveils new uniforms

Green is the new brown as Frederick County Sheriff’s Office switches to a new uniform starting Jan. 2.

The new uniform features a long or short sleeve olive green polo shirt with the FCSO badge on the left side of the chest, according to a sheriff’s office statement. The right side of the chest will bear the deputy’s name and rank, for those ranked corporal or higher. “Sheriff” is printed in reflective lettering on the shirt’s back and sleeves. Deputies will wear “coyote-colored” tactical pants and coyote-colored boots.

The old uniform consisted of a dark brown shirt, light brown pants and black boots.

The transition started in April when deputies could not get their uniforms dry cleaned due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Although I’ve always favored the traditional uniform look, the need to make a transition presented itself and deputies were temporarily approved to wear the tan tactical pants and black polo shirts typically worn for special assignments and events,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said in the statement.