Filling the Gap in Worker Safety: The Role of Protection from Microbes in Uniforms and Image Apparel

Presented September 16, 2021
Sponsored by Vestex

A conversation with Dr. Matthew Hardwick, President & Chief Executive Officer Resinnova Laboratories

Hosted by Ben Favret Founder & Chief Executive Officer of VESTEX Protects.

This discussion will:
1. Discuss occupations that are at greatest risk for exposure to microbes and contaminated fluids despite the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
2. Show how apparel and uniform worn in these jobs can acquire, retain, and transmit germs.
3. Address the differences in antimicrobial and antiviral test methods for uniforms and apparel and understand methods that simulate real-world worst-case scenarios.

Dr. Matthew Hardwick is a thought leader in the field of infection prevention in the healthcare environment of care and is an expert in antimicrobial surface technologies. He has 20 years of academic research experience, at Georgetown University where he completed his PhD in Cell Biology, and at Johns Hopkins University, where he completed 2 postdoctoral fellowships, one in the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the second in the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute. Dr. Hardwick’s last academic appointment was with the MedStar Health Research Institute where he worked on numerous research initiatives including the use of antimicrobial surfaces in clinical healthcare environments. He is widely published, including several articles on the use of antimicrobials in clinical environments and the role of microbial surface contamination on infection rates in clinical settings.

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