Fibres derived from textile and clothing waste to be commercialised

Several innovative start-up companies have recently made huge progress in developing cellulosic fibres derived from textile and clothing waste and some of these fibres are poised for commercialisation in 2021, according to a new 31-page report entitled Innovations in cellulosic fibres derived from recycled textile and clothing waste, from the global business information company Textiles Intelligence.

Brands and retailers are under immense pressure to provide textile and apparel products which are environmentally sustainable. At the same time, there is an urgent need to reduce the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry, which is estimated at 92 million tons a year, the report says.

Making cellulosic fibres from materials derived from textile and clothing waste is one way of addressing these two key challenges, not least because such fibres are biodegradable and are therefore considered to be more environmentally sustainable than synthetic fibres and cellulosic fibres made using conventional processes, the report expands.