Featured Network Member: A+ Group

When you’re carrying gear into a potentially life-or-death situation, hardware failure is not an option. NAUMD network member A+ Group has been in the hardware industry for nearly 30 years, sourcing, manufacturing, and coordinating efforts to serve the tactical, medical and apparel markets.  

A leader in the industry with some of its latest technologies, the company’s Fidlock and  Systemmag product lines are intuitive and make apparel easy to use. Fidlock fasteners combine the functionality of magnets with the security of mechanical locking systems, while Systemmag fasteners offer quiet, functional and stealthy operation. Systemmag products offer alternatives to traditional zipper, hook & loop and clasps . And because of their ease-of-use and range of configurations, they’re perfect for a variety of applications, including assistance for the disabled, ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, luggage, or outdoor.

A+  also supplies the components for manufacturers’ lifesaving equipment, and enforces the highest quality of construction and accessible function for any healthcare application. When performance can’t be compromised, Bodypoint buckles are built to the highest standards for strength, impact, and slip-resistance. After they were created to answer the lack of adequate existing hardware, Bodypoint has become a staple in the wheelchair and disability sports industries and other markets where standard buckles would be unreliable.