Fashion Brand Turns McDonald’s Uniforms into Stylish Workwear

Dec 5, 2022 | Food Service

McDonald’s Finland has collaborated with the Finnish fashion label VAIN to create an exclusive clothing collection made almost entirely out of the restaurant chain’s used staff uniforms. The designs explore new ways of utilizing the old workwear while placing McDonald’s familiar employee uniforms in a new and creative context. 

Jimi Vain, a rising designer on the Finnish fashion scene, created a collection consisting of 13 unique looks mainly made from pre-used McDonald’s work uniforms. The collection aims to shed light on the employees of McDonald’s who wear the uniforms daily. By creating new and modern designs out of the same materials, VAIN attempts to strip away the negative associations commonly associated with work uniforms in general and evoke a sense of pride amongst the McDonald’s staff. 

The collection lives off subtle references to McDonald’s iconic status in popular culture, while respecting both brand’s visual identities. Some of McDonald’s most iconic features are incorporated in the collection, such as the red and yellow brand colors, the black and white gingham pattern, as well as the restaurant chain’s well-known logo.