Fashion Brand Telfar designs uniforms for White Castle employees

Fashion brand Telfar designed new uniforms for White Castle workers to celebrate the burger chain’s 100th anniversary. The new look includes a t-shirt, polo shirt, visor, apron, and durag. The pieces will come in light and royal blue and black with the White Castle name and references to the 100 year anniversary. The durag is a totally new addition, and was added at the request of White Castle employees. It’s the first time White Castle has offered the hair accessory and might be the first time any restaurant has done so.

The new uniform collection is captured in an intimate portrait series of White Castle team members in Queens, shot by art photographer Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

“We wanted something special for our 100th birthday that captures the authentic spirit of White Castle and, as always, TELFAR came through for us,” said Jamie Richardson, a vice president at White Castle. “TELFAR has taken our uniform to a new place, creating something that’s distinctive, attractive and comfortable, and something our team members will feel great in whether they’re at work or hanging out with friends and family.”