May 5-7, 2024
at Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort,
Florida, USA


The annual NAUMD Convention and Exposition is attended by hundreds of uniform, image apparel and public safety manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and distributors.


Booth space is at a premium for this highly targeted convention where the leading uniform manufacturers and associated service providers meet small and large dealers.


Members and exhibitors are invited to take advantage of these opportunities for companies to support the uniform industry and the NAUMD by sponsoring events, materials and speakers.



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Ignite Your Growth

Light up your strategic plans with education.
Light up your supply chain with improved relationships.
Light up your company with a network that is on the move.

A Few Of The Outstanding Speakers Already Scheduled

22 Testimonials For The NAUMD Convention

2024 AT Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort,
Florida, USA

An event for uniform, image apparel, and public safety equipment suppliers and retailers.

Uniform, image apparel and public safety suppliers meet for education and networking.