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Case Study Highlights Value of Reusable PPE

A recent case study on Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service noted that the operator saved Ontario taxpayers $70 million during the first 24 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time of widespread shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), Ecotex was able to supply hospitals in the Greater Toronto area with AAMI Level II rated reusable barrier isolation gowns.

Ecotex, a privately owned Canadian company, provides linen, laundry, and reusable surgical textiles to more than 400 hospitals, health systems and medical facilities in Canada and the United States on a daily basis. Through its size and scale across North America, Ecotex was able to expand its PPE program and guarantee costs for GTA hospitals. 

According to the study, Ecotex was able to double the amount of available protective Level II isolation gowns for frontline healthcare workers in the Greater Toronto area. The company was able to do this without imposing pandemic surge pricing on its healthcare customers.

The findings were first reported on TRSA’s website.  You can read the full study here